Description of the API

The interaction between the client and the server in Abris is carried out using the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol, however, the request format is slightly different, namely the absence of the “id” property, both in the request and in the response.

Requests sent to the server must contain two required properties:

  • method - a string with the name of the method being called;
  • params - an array of data that should be passed to the method as parameters.

The “id” property used to match the request and response is not required.

The responses received from the server must contain the following properties:

  • result - the data returned by the method. If an error occurs during method execution, this property must be set to “null”;
  • error - error code if an error occurred during the execution of the method, otherwise null.

The “id” property - the same value as in the request to which belongs this response - is missing.