Properties (Columns)

Column properties:

  • The parameter “Order” contains the ordinal number of the column. Immutable field.

  • The parameter “Entity” contains the table or view that this column is associated with (for example, a foreign key).

  • The parameter “Column name” contains the unique name of the column in the database.

  • The parameter “Is primary key” indicates whether the column is part of the primary key or is it.

  • The parameter “Title” changes the column header when displayed in the table.

  • The parameter “Data type in database” indicates the type of output data. The standard types are described in PostgreSQL Data Types. Extended types:

    • “meta.file” * - structured storage of files in the database;

    • “meta.file[]” * - an array of structured file storages in the database.

  • The parameter “Type on display” changes the appearance of the output data (see Values of the field “Type on display”).

  • The parameter “Visibility” allows or prohibits the display of this column in the user’s table.

  • The parameter “Read-only mode” allows or prohibits editing of column data.

  • The parameter “Is nullable” allows or prohibits leaving the column value empty.

  • The parameter “Is foreign key” indicates whether the column is a foreign key. If the value is “true”, it has additional fields:

    • The parameter “Reference entity” contains the name of the base entity.

    • The parameter “Reference entity key” contains the primary key of the base entity.

    • The parameter “Constraint name” name of the foreign key, if it exists in the database. Virtual keys are not displayed in this field. Immutable field.

  • The parameter “Default value” contains the value that will be displayed if the column value is not filled in.