Projection properties:

  • The field “Projection name” contains the name of the projection in the database.

  • The field “Entity” contains the name of the table or view on the basis of which it is created.

  • The field “Primary key” contains the key from the entity in the “Transition” field, which will be used as the main one.

  • The field “Title” specifies the title of the projection that is displayed to the user.

  • The field “Projection for transition” contains the entity to which the transition will be performed when opening the detailed form.

  • The field “Is base” is checked if the projection needs to be made basic (by default, the basic projection is created automatically when creating an entity).

  • The field “Edit mode” specifies the projection editing parameters when opening the detailed form. The field has values:

    • “Default” - when opening a detailed form, the projection fields can be edited;
    • “On demand” - to switch to editing mode, you need to click alt [Edit]; to exit the editing mode, click alt [Cancel];
    • “Switchable” - works similarly to “on request”, but in editing mode you can switch between records;
    • “Read-only” - non-editable form.

    See the instruction video for details:

  • The field “Hint” when filling it out, displays a hint window when hovering over the column data.

  • The field “Additional parameters” contains (if necessary) parameters in JSON format that define additional processing for fields.

Projection relationships:

  • The container “Projections relations” contains a list of links to this projection from other projections.

  • The container “Projection properties” contains a list of columns of this projection.

  • The container “Buttons” contains a list of user-created buttons for this projection.