For more than 7 years Abris Research Lab has been developing, implementing and accompanying information and automated management systems, decision support systems built on Abris a software platform for the rapid development of web applications based on a relational database.

Information system for 3 weeks

1 week

1. Meeting, interview

2. Study of the client's products

3. Telephone talks

4. Preparing tasks for programmers

2 week

1. Programming

2. Development management

3 week

1. Studying the client's remarks

2. Correction of remarks

3. Preparing a response to the client

4. Project completion

5. Initial customization

Buy for 200 000 rubles

Advantages of products on Abris

Rapid development

Abris Platform can immediately visualize any table from your database. Don't waste your time on boring forms development. Design your data structures and business logic instead.

Forms variety

A lot of ready to use data visualization templates: detail forms, list forms, pivot tables, charts, tree view representations, maps. Easily combine these templates to get almost any data representations.

Blazing performance

Abris supports large datasets with billions of records. Working with 1.5 millions of new records per hour. Client side rendering disburdens application server from extra load.

Low-code platform

The development and modification of the program can be performed without changing the program code. This is possible thanks to the use of a patented dynamic web page generator.

Secure storage

Independently store your data in the cloud or on a dedicated server. Monitor changes and keep records of data using blockchain technology.

Decentralized solutions

Get and analyze data from other systems. Integrate your forms with data from Abris into other programs, systems, websites to update information in real time.

Abris is ideal for you if…

  • You already have a relational database with data and you need to provide a user interface for it.
  • Your work activity involves the constant development, modernization and expansion of the application.
  • You are a novice developer or a student without the desire to develop designer skills.
  • You are an experienced development team and focus on the business logic of your application.
  • You want to get a ready-made program in the shortest possible time.
  • You store and process a large variety of data from customer phone numbers to geolocation of transport in realtime.

7 years of experience in developing projects and ready-made solutions in various industries

Systems of consolidation and analysis of information of industries on the activities of enterprises

The system of survey of enterprises on the application of standardization documents

Fuel level monitoring system based on sensors readings

The system for monitoring the execution of fire-fighting measures

Accounting system for preferential territories of the Russian Federation

Shift-daily work planning system

Information platform "Smart home"

Test management system

Partner learning system

Custom development

Abris Research Lab develop an information system of any complexity from ground up according to your order.

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Development on Abris

For developers, licensed versions of the Abris Platform are available for commercial and home use.

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