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Work with the hierarchical menu

The menu is a tree structure.Each of the menu items consists of sub-items.

Go to sub menu items

  1. You can go to sub-items by navigating through the hierarchical menu located on the left or by blocks in the center of the screen.

Общий вид меню

Show and hide menu items on screen

  1. The menu item is opened and hidden by clicking on the body of the item or the black arrow to the right of its name.

Отображение и скрытие пунктов

Show and hide child menu items

  1. If desired, the main menu can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the corresponding icon located in the upper left corner of the interface.

When you select any of the sub-menu items, the menu bar is automatically hidden.

Автоматическое скрытие панели

Highlight the selected item in the menu

When selecting a menu item

When you select a specific sub-menu and go to its form, the name of the selected section will be highlighted in a different style.

Выделение пункта меню при выборе пункта

When following the link

Similarly, when you click on a link to a page in the menu, the name of the corresponding menu item will also have a different style.

Process control

Reporting, loading tables can take quite a while.Abris translates such processes into the background, while the user’s work with the system does not stop.

The progress indicator is the hourglass icon in the upper right corner.The number on the icon indicates the number of processes running.Clicking on it will display a list of current processes, each of which can be stopped by clicking on "image".