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List forms (tables)

Automatically adjust table size to display data

When you open the table, the table is automatically adjusted to the displayed data.

Подстройка таблицы при малом объёме

With a large amount of data, the width of the table increases, and the contents of the cells are transferred according to the words in several lines, which increases readability.

Подстройка таблицы при большом объёме

Updating data without restarting the browser window

The system allows not to lose the entered data and not to re-enter the username and password when updating the contents of the table.

  1. In order to update the contents of the table, you need to click on the "update" icon in the search bar in the upper right corner.

Обновление содержимого

Display the selected number of rows from a table

When you open the table, the number of rows that are indicated in the navigation element in the lower left corner below the table is displayed.It contains information about the number of pages, lines displayed on the page, and a button to switch between pages.

Отображение строк, количество которых указано в элементе

If the table has less than 10 rows, then to save space on the screen, the navigation items on the table are hidden.

Скрытие элементов

Display the total number of rows in a table

The total number of rows in the table is in the lower left corner below the table.(e.g. "10 of n", where n is the total number of rows).

Отображение общего количества

Change the number of rows displayed

  1. To change the number of displayed table rows, you need to select the required value (10, 25, 50, 100, All) in the drop-down list located at the bottom of the table.

Отображение 10

Keep in mind that if you change the number of rows displayed in one table, the display will change in all tables in the system.

Отображение количества строк, не все из которых поместились на

Display a page switcher if the number of pages is more than one

If the table contains more lines than the number displayed in the interface, in the lower left corner, page numbering is displayed below the table.

Отображение переключателя

For example, if the number of rows in table 24, and the number of rows displayed is 10, then page switches (1, 2, 3) will appear in the lower left corner.

Transition between pages by mouse clicks without reloading the browser window

Отображение первой

  1. In order to go to a specific page, it is necessary in the lower left corner, select the desired page number and click on it with the left mouse button.

Переход на третью

Reference fields

The data in the column can be a structure, that is, aggregate information from several fields of another table.The data in these fields have a special form (there is an arrow pointing to the right to the right of the field).

You can view them as follows:

  1. Go to the table, the data from which are used in the structure, by left-clicking on the desired line.

Пример ссылочных

  1. Then, to the right of the desired field, click on the arrow.

Детальная форма ссылочного

Display selected row when refreshing browser page

When the browser page is refreshed, the line selected by the user remains expanded.

Сохранение выделения выбранной строки при обновлении страницы

Adding columns to a table from child and parent tables

  1. In order to add column (s) to the table, you need to open the menu in the upper right corner, select the "Table Designer" item.

  2. On the right, a plus appears in the header of the table.When you click on "+", a list appears containing columns that can be added to the table.

  3. When you click on the desired row in the table, a new column filled with data will appear.

Добавление дополнительных колонок с данными из дочерних

Removing additional columns from a table

Колонка, добавленная из родительской или дочерней

  1. In order to delete a column, click on the cross to the right of the column heading.

Удаление колонок, добавленных из родительских и дочерних


This item is used to collect statistics or calculations.

  1. For analysis, you must select the format for displaying the table;

  2. Select the fields for which the function will be implemented;

  3. Select the function that will be applied to the selected fields (most often numeric);

  4. Click "Download".