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Detailed forms

The viewing and editing form appears in the table when you click on the desired line.


In read-only mode, the write fields display values, but cannot be changed using the interface.

Вид в режиме "только

Editing Table Rows

  1. In order to change the information in a line, left-click to select the desired line.

  2. In the form that opens, click on the desired field and make changes.

  3. Click on the "Save" button.


If the notification "Saving successfully" was displayed in the upper right corner, then the data was correctly saved in the database.

Успешное сохранение

Multiline Text Editing

The system provides a special format for displaying and interacting with text for voluminous text values.

Отображение поля, содержащего объёмный

Switching is possible in the "Settings" table.

Изменение многострочного

Editing formatted texts

The platform has the ability to change the display of output data.In the form for editing, you can change the size, style, position and some other parameters for displaying text in the system.

  1. If you click on this field, a form for editing text will become available.

Форма для редактирования форматированных

  1. After changing the settings should be saved.

Пример изменения отображения

Editing Integers

A special element is available for editing integers - a switch.

  1. In order to change an integer, you need to select the desired line, left-click on it, in the opened form, select the line containing the integer.

Форма, содержащая целочисленные

  1. At the end of the line, a switch in the form of two up / down arrows will be available.Use the arrows to increase or decrease the number.Also, the number can be selected and replaced with the desired one.

  2. After making changes, click the "Save" button.

Поле, которое содержит

Date Editing

There is a separate interaction element for editing dates.

  1. In order to change the field containing the date, left-click on the field.

  2. In the form that opens, you must select the desired year, month and day.In order to change the month, you need to use the arrows to the left and right of the month name.In order to change the day, you must click on the desired one.

There is a Today button on the form.When you click on it, today's date will be automatically selected.

Time editing

For editing time, a separate interaction element is provided.

  1. In order to change the field containing the time, left-click on the desired field.The opened form contains a 24-hour dial.

  2. The first mouse click selects the desired hour.After that, in the form of the dial is updated and displays the minutes (in increments of 5 minutes).

  3. In order to select the desired minutes, you must left-click on the desired number.

Editing Date and Time

A separate type is presented for the data-time format, which includes formats for interacting with these elements individually (separately setting the date, separately setting the time).

Editing the date and time in this element is similar to working separately with them.Forms of viewing and editing are multilevel.Thus, for some records and fields, you can open related records in other tables and edit them directly from the same window from which they were called without going to other pages.

Multi-level viewing of related data in one screen

Some table fields contain links to data from other tables.The transition is carried out with a minimum delay, since only useful data from the table is requested from the server, and not the entire displayed web page.

If there is an arrow next to the field pointing to the right, then clicking on the arrow on the right will open the form of the related record.

Раскрытие связанной

The ability to search and filter related data by analogy with list forms

The tables associated with the row being viewed are available inside the form in the form of expandable panels at the bottom.Thus, you can view several related tables at the same time.In related tables, you can also view detailed information and edit it.

If at the bottom of the opened row there are names of related tables, then when you click on the name of such a table, it is expanded and its contents can be seen.

Раскрытие связанных с записью

Data in linked tables can be sorted and filtered as in regular tables.

Adding New Data

  1. In order to add new data to the table, click on the "Add" button located under the table.

Добавление новой

  1. In the form that opens, you must fill in all the empty fields.After all the fields are correctly filled in, you need to click on the "Create" button.

Сохранение новой

Saving edited data with updating the table without restarting the browser window

  1. In order to save the changed data, you must click on the "Save" button.

  2. After the changes are saved successfully, the “Save successfully” alert appears.

Изменение данных в

When saving, the table is automatically updated, but the entered data will not be lost.

Сохранение данных в

Deleting a confirmation record without restarting the browser window

  1. In order to delete a record from the table, left-click on the desired record.

  2. In the window that opens, click on the "Delete" button.

Удаление выбранной

If the removal was successful, a "Successfully deleted" notification will appear.

Успешное удаление выбранной