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About Abris Platform

The Abris software platform is a universal ecosystem for building distributed registries and computer information management systems.

Key Features

  • data analysis and visualization of their results in the form of bar and pie charts and line graphs;

  • for working with tables, as well as for configuring a data model or its changes, a specialist’s qualification is enough - a confident user with a typical office suite who is provided with a set of intuitive regular tools for creating new tables, assigning formats and field relationships, as well as changing the existing structure and the entire set attributes of the data model for any section of the served information stream;

  • demonstration on the screen user interfaces of the geographical location of accounting objects and / or the path of their movements on the map of the area, as well as information and analytical support for the monitoring and control processes by marking each object;

  • search and selection of data for the entire information array of the contents of the automated system, namely filtering by an unlimited number of selection conditions (specific value or expression of relativity) by the set indicators of the attributes of the information object, taking into account both outgoing and incoming relationships of the table fields;

  • sampling results can be used in further analysis or exported to a table format file (HTML, PDF, Excel);

  • Using blockchain technology allows you to generate a hash code for each row of each database table.the information block (line hash) includes in its metadata series not only the field values ​​of such a line and the attributes of its structure (composition, name and arrangement of fields, their formats and relationships), but also organizational information about its changes, which establishes an unambiguous transaction relationship (chain of blocks) - all operations of introduction, coordination and approval of changes in the structure and content of the line;

  • process control by monitoring deviations of the selected parameters of each procedure, response measures or sending previously configured standard system notifications;

  • flexible and efficient configuration of data models, namely changing the database structure (tables, their relationships), of any complexity, both at the stage of development of an automated system and during its operation using single page application technology;

  • To create and / or change data models of the information structure and the screen interfaces of its display, special programming by an IT specialist is not required;

  • Administration and access control tools provide the ability to keep track of users and monitor their activity, configure the rights of role groups, both by the quantitative composition of such groups and by the set of access rights to individual functions and tables by users of the selected group.

  • In addition to the usual procedures for manually entering information, there are unique capabilities for automated loading into the system using the clipboard.This feature eliminates the need to program a script to import a large amount of various types of information.The contents of the file prepared for download in a tabular format are copied and pasted into the corresponding database table.

  • due to simple settings, you can set the color marking of fields in HTML format that do not meet the conditions for monitoring the check for compliance with the requirements for the data format or other designated attributes.

The Abris platform is constantly evolving and the number of its capabilities is constantly growing.

Main advantages

  • the possibility of prototyping the application by people who are not programmers, due to the work of the user interface generator according to metadata that describes the application domain and is protected by a patent for a useful model DYNAMIC WEB PAGE GENERATOR;

  • the use of the PostgreSQL / PHP / JavaScript technology stack, as well as the use of Open Source libraries in the client and server parts of the platform, which reduces the cost of ownership, including by reducing the cost of hosting the application and lowering the cost of licensed software;

  • the ability to build registries and systems in a simplified manner without involving costly, highly qualified IT professionals;

  • the ability to modernize or scale the information structure of the subject registry or system developed and operating on the basis of the ABRIS software platform, directly in the operating mode and without changing the program code;

  • reduction of labor costs (both at the stage of system development and at the stage of its operation) in the implementation of tasks of automated data entry through the use of a unified software mechanism for interactive loading;

  • the possibility of reliable and effective control and accounting of changes in the content of the database of the subject system through the use of distributed registry and blockchain technologies;

  • the ability to build highly loaded automated systems, including through the use of a unique generator of dynamic web pages.

Project participants and employees of Abris Research Laboratory LLC are a group of highly qualified specialists with fundamental knowledge in the fields of computer science and physical and mathematical sciences. Academic degrees, teaching and long-term business practices in the field of information technology, organization and conduct of case studies scientific and technical nature, the implementation of development work, including the industrial development of automated systems, are the main advantages of the project.