Table designer

Table designer

Abris in action

Aleksey Novikov

Mar 1, 2021

The expansion of the structure of the displayed tabular forms without recoding the database views.

Sometimes we need to see more information on the screen than a database table can provide. Let’s look at this table.

It is the list of the branch stores. Here we can see the branch store and the main store address, and the geographical coordinates.

Open any row and see that the main store and address fields are the foreign keys. They reference other table rows. And it is very nice that we can see the address in a table, but what if we want to see more information about the store? For example we don’t see the phone number of the store.

You can be happy that this problem is very easy for Abris Platform. Click More and Table designer. You see that the Plus button appeared.

Click it and see the popup window with the related information, organized as a tree.

Expand Address and select Phone. The phone field is added to the table.

All constructed fields contain arrows in the caption and a cross icon that allows you to remove fields from the table.

We can move forward and add information from a more complex path. So we can add the country field that is accessible from city table.

Constructed tables allow the use of ordering and filters.

We can add information not only from the reference fields, but from the dependent tables. Let’s look at the Film table. Every film is associated with some actors' names. If we want to see that names in the table we can also add them. Click More => Table designer => Plus, select actors and last name.

So we always can see more information that application developer provided. It can be done on the fly without any software coding.

For more information, see the video-instruction:

No code, no special design. Just install and use.